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10 Things to Consider When Buying women handbags canada

Author: Helen
Mar. 07, 2024
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Picture this: You've just stepped off a red-eye flight. You're tired, and you just want to get through customs, grab an Uber, drop your bags at your door and dive into your own bed for a catnap. But then border security pulls you aside to search your luggage.

That's exactly what happened to me. I rolled up to security after a trip to Paris with my boyfriend. My carry-on bag was full of the secondhand luxury handbags I'd been collecting for 10 years. I was tired and sore after the long flight from France and eager to get home.

However, I spent the next two hours with border security as I arduously searched for long-gone eBay receipts and photos deep in my iCloud storage to prove my handbags were not purchased abroad.

Traveling with any luxury or expensive luggage is a quick way to raise suspicions when clearing customs. However, there are simple ways around it — if you know the tricks.

Here's how to streamline crossing the border with big-ticket items purchased abroad or at home. From navigating value-added tax returns to purchasing the right travel insurance, these tips and tricks can help you bring your favorite handbags and luggage along for the ride … wherever your next flight takes you.

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How to care for valuable luggage or handbags while traveling

Document everything

If you plan to bring your favorite handbag or high-end luggage with you out of the country, be prepared to prove to border security that you purchased your bag in the U.S. If you're returning from Europe, security agents will likely be on high alert, and if you're schlepping hundreds of dollars of carry-on items with you, you might be pulled aside for extra screening.

The easiest way to keep documents in order is to take photos of your receipts if you have them. Also, create an album on your smartphone with dated photos of the bags, the receipts and other relevant information. If you're unable to prove you purchased your bags before your trip, border security has the right to seize your items and charge duty fees.

If you want to guarantee your return to the U.S. is stress-free, you can opt to register your items with U.S. Customs and Border Protection before you depart so you have unarguable proof that you owned your items before you left.

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The Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad form (CBP Form 4457) is available at any CBP office or international airport. It requires a description of your item and the serial number or date code.

Get the right travel insurance

Whether you have home insurance, group health insurance at the office or something in between, read your policy's fine print before heading off on your trip. Often, these built-in insurance packages only include up to a few thousand dollars' worth of luxury accessories. Typical coverage for high-value items is usually around $1,000 to $2,500, and there will often be a single-item limit. Also, many items (like wallets and suitcases) may be excluded.

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If your home or travel insurance policy coverage isn't enough to cover all the goods you're traveling with, consider insuring each item separately. If the item is lost (including lost checked luggage), stolen or damaged, you'll be reimbursed for its full value with no deduction for depreciation or gentle use.

Maximize your carry-on space

Large handbags can be heavy and tempting to pack in your checked luggage. However, even if you chose a higher insurance limit, I recommend keeping your big-ticket items in your carry-on bag rather than your checked luggage. Damage and loss can happen. Even if you have great insurance, avoid going through the process of claiming loss when you can.

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To maximize your carry-on space, pack one larger bag as your designated nesting bag. Your evening and day bags should fit inside. If that's not enough, consider bringing a rolling carry-on.

Invest in Magic Erasers and a reusable grocery bag

If you can help it, try not to bring the dust bags that come with your luxury goods. While they make a great protective layer, they're sure to raise red flags if you get pulled aside while clearing customs.

A pristine dust bag suggests you recently purchased your goods. Even if you have documented receipts and photos to prove you bought your items in the U.S. or on previous trips, if you can avoid being questioned entirely by border security, it's definitely worth it.

Instead, pack a few reusable grocery bags for emergency use. These bags serve many purposes. They're great for covering your items while going through airport security lines and storing them beneath your seat during takeoff and landing. Concerned about your items getting damaged? Pack a Magic Eraser to take care of any unexpected nicks or stains on the spot.

Use Apple AirTags or an equivalent luggage tracker

In some situations, you might be unable to pack your valuables in your carry-on luggage and have no option but to keep them in your checked luggage. In these instances, I recommend traveling with at least one Apple AirTag or a similar luggage tracker.

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Luggage is often lost or damaged. A tracking device such as an Apple AirTag can help you locate your belongings after the fact — at a busy baggage carousel or when you must provide information to the airport staff to help locate your belongings. We've written at length about the value of Apple AirTags when traveling. Many of TPG's staff won't travel without them.


How to bring a new purchase home

Bring your passport while shopping

Most European and Asian countries offer VAT refunds for big-ticket shopping. For example, in France, to qualify, you need to spend a minimum of 175 euros (about $191) at one store. If you plan to pick up a high-end souvenir, bring your passport when shopping to prove you're a nonresident and eligible for a refund.

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If you forgot your passport, we highly recommend putting your items on hold and returning to your hotel to retrieve your passport.

Save and document every receipt

In Europe, you'll receive a different VAT envelope at every store you make a qualifying purchase, and you must hold onto them until you're about to leave the country. At that time, your paperwork will be stamped by customs at a tax refund counter at the airport. Plan for enough time before your flight to visit the refund counter — they are sometimes hard to find and can be extremely busy.

Remember that you technically cannot use your new purchases until you leave the country, or they will no longer qualify for the refund. Keep your bag in its dust bag and box, and ensure all tags and receipts are in order.

When you touch down in the U.S., be sure to answer the questions on the arrival card honestly.

"In the event customs officers want more information or some idea of the values, it is always a good idea to have supporting documentation in the form of valuations or receipts," suggests Matt Woodley, an international moving expert at MoverFocus.com. "There's no reason to provide more information than necessary."

Consider shipping your items back

If you're purchasing big-ticket items that you'd prefer not to take through the airport and onto the plane, you're legally allowed to ship back any luxury goods — but you're still required to declare them.

"You can ship up to $200 worth of goods to yourself duty-free," said Darrin Giglio, chief investigator of North American Investigations. "However, if something is worth $500, you'll pay on $500 instead of $300."

When it doubt, declare it

Here's where things can get a little dicey. Do you have to declare that secondhand Louis Vuitton wallet? The answer is almost always yes. In most cases, you're permitted to bring up to $800 worth of goods into the U.S. without having to pay any duty fees.

However, even if your luxury purchase is well under that, you also have to take into account small purchases, like clothing, souvenirs and alcohol. If you think you may be pushing the limit, make a detailed list of your purchases to share with your customs agent.

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Note that 'duty-free' items aren't always duty-free

"If you have purchased any items ' duty-free' whilst you've been away and exceeded the limits imposed in the country you are entering, be prepared to pay duty and/or tax," Woodley explained.

"Customs officers do have discretionary powers, but it is unlikely with luxury/high-ticket items that the officers will give you relief … If you can afford to purchase the items, you can afford to pay the resultant duty/tax."

Additional reporting by Jordan Waller.

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, WWD may receive an affiliate commission.

Without the residuals from a worldwide stadium tour or a TV deal, how often can you say you have the same bag as Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner? We’ll tell you: Anytime you’re carrying clutches and totes from affordable bag brands like Aupen, By Far, and Mansur Gavriel. The very best ones deviate from dupe culture, which often features unoriginal designs made with lower-quality materials. Truly excellent budget-friendly brands tout styles with the same level of craftsmanship and luxe materials (like rich Italian leather and velvety suede) as designer handbags, and put forward their twist on beloved silhouettes like crossbody bags, shoulder bags, slouchy bags, and tote bags. Many times, they have the very same qualities that draw us toward labels with eye-watering prices, such as their use of sustainable materials and celebrity stamps of approval. 

Besides bragging rights, there are even more reasons to shop from one of the best affordable designer handbag brands, like the fact that our carryalls are strapped to our sides 24/7 and, as a result, take a lot of abuse, according to author and fashion stylist Heather Newberger. “While I can live with the idea that someone may accidentally spill a drink on my everyday bag, I can’t really get behind my designer bag being destroyed by something as nonchalant as nail polish being knocked over at the salon,” she adds. If your beach bag plans on touching sand, your bag for work has a sticky subway commute, or your overnight bag is subject to the inside of the overhead bin, a designer pick may not be the most practical choice. 

Then, you have to think about what affordable means to you. Is a $40 bag actually “affordable” when it inevitably breaks in a month? As NYC-based fashion stylist Audree Kate López explains, “If the bag is $200 and you wear it three times per week for a year, it’s less than a dollar per wear,” as opposed to a cheaper bag that falls apart after one wedding reception. 

Contemporary designer bag brands are everywhere, if you know where to look: New labels seemingly emerge out of thin air on a daily basis, and classic heritage brands unleash iterations of cherished styles quarterly. Suffice to say, we have plenty of affordable bag brands to choose from. To narrow down the list, we created this guide with expert tips and product picks to find the best, most high-quality affordable purse brands for anyone’s needs. 

Top Affordable Bag Brands of 2024

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  • Year established: 1941
  • Popular bag styles: Tabby shoulder bag, Willow tote bag, Bandit crossbody bag
  • Made in: China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines
  • Price range: $95 to $2,800

When Coach launched its original saddlebag decades ago, who knew that the brand would continue to stay fresh and relevant among choosy Gen Z consumers and its more seasoned clients with some of its original silhouettes? Of course, the mid-range designer bag brand is a pro at capturing the current zeitgeist, as it releases iterations of its classic silhouettes with trend-centered additions such as metallic shades, pillowy silhouettes, and heavy hardware. Notably, we’re keeping our eye on the flashy re-brands of the enduring Tabby Bag, which have earned 2.6 million views on TikTok.

In its latest strategy to capture the heart of the eco-conscious younger generations, Coach launched Coachtopia in 2023. The subbrand upcycles leather scraps left on the cutting room floor and uses other recycled materials to re-design handbags in a range of silhouettes and styles. 

Still, everything from its dreamy Y2K-adjacent fluffy Mira shoulder bag to its timeless saddle bag maintains a high level of quality and craft that gives them life generations over, and all for as low as $150.


  • Year established: 2015
  • Popular bag styles: Tommy Beaded Bag, Ollie Bag, Large Moon Bag
  • Made in: Los Angeles, CA
  • Price range: $150 to $600

The key to elevating a basic outfit while maintaining its nonchalant spirit is with the right bag — that’s one rule we’ve clocked from purveyors of street style like Kendall Jenner, Alexa Chung, and Gigi Hadid. For years now, the Los Angeles-based affordable purse brand Staud has been an off-duty accessory label of choice for celebs. Jenner has tucked the Tommy Beaded Bag under her T-shirt-clad shoulders on several occasions, and we’ve spotted Hailey Bieber carrying the Moon Bag in tow alongside her white trainers and hoodie. 

And, considering co-founders Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto built the brand with a mission to create high-quality bags whose styles match timeless classics for trend, it’s clear why the bags are ubiquitous among cool girls everywhere. While many designs embody quintessential silhouettes such as a rectangle-shaped tote or structured crossbody, each one breaks tradition in some form, whether it’s by spelling out novelty sayings in dazzling crystal beads or showcasing flashy animal print shades.  

Staud Colt Leather Shoulder Bag

Materials: 100% cow leather
Closure: Zipper
Features: Interior carabiner clip; hammered chain hardware detail


Buy Now at Saks Fifth Avenue

Staud Large Moon Croc Embossed Bag

Materials: 100% Cow Leather
Closure: Metallic Clasp
Features: Removable logo-embossed accent


Buy Now at saks fifth avenue

What experts say: “If you’re looking for an affordable bag that screams luxury, I would strongly suggest choosing something in a unique shape or constructed using distinctive materials such as embossed leather, like this one. Both of these things will elevate your bag in a way that will have people wondering just how much you spent on it,” says Newberger. 

Staud Tommy Bag

Materials: 100% glass beads
Closure: Magnetic clasp
Features: Available in multiple beaded colorways and patterns


Buy Now at Amazon


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Buy Now at Shopbop


  • Year established: 2000
  • Popular bag styles: Bou Bag, Tote Bag
  • Made in: China
  • Price range: $115 to $525

Though Scandinavian brand Ganni is over two decades old, leave it to internet darlings like Emma Chamberlain and a strong social media presence, (#GanniGirls, anyone?), to keep its mainstay among the fashion community. As illustrated by the brand’s use of oversized collars and playful proportions, it will not be denied from having fun, and similar to its apparel, its handbags don’t take themselves too seriously, either.

We suddenly feel like we’re back in math class while holding Ganni’s delightful collection of hexagonal and square-shaped bags — each becomes more exciting when you delve inside to reveal leopard print lining or equally thrilling design detail. And who wouldn’t smile while swinging the extended knotted handle of the Raffia Bag from their hand? Make no mistake, despite their quirky appeal, these bags boast the same high-quality and eco-conscious materials as Ganni’s clothing. As a bonus, most of the bags are made from recycled leather.

Ganni Bou Bag

Materials: Recycled leather
Closure: Magnet
Features: Double compartments, interior flat card pocket, adjustable and removable shoulder strap


Buy Now at ganni


  • Year established: 2016
  • Popular bag styles: Numéro Un Nano bag, Numéro Sept Mini handbag
  • Made In: Spain
  • Price Range: $290 to $1,350

Less than a decade old, this French family-owned brand captured the hearts and wallets of your most stylish friends, fashion influencers, and the TikTok community. Polène bags even (fittingly, we might add) played a recurring role in the series “Emily in Paris” — we’re still lusting after the Yké in Epuisé that swung off Lily Collins’ wrist in the series. You can add the royal seal of approval to this brand’s resume, too, as we clocked Kate Middleton carrying the Numèro Sept Mini Handbag during a recent press junket. 

We’re not surprised that Polène is popular among princesses and celebrities alike, considering all of the brand’s bags are made with rich Spanish and Italian leather crafted in Ubrique, Spain, a village famous for its leather goods. Additionally, each design touts curved edges, waves, and folds which lends them a touchable and artistic appeal fit for the boardroom or the ballet. 

Its designs keep functionality in mind too, as many of the shoulder bags feature adjustable straps so you can wear them under your arm or as a crossbody. Between their durability (take a look at this TikTok that literally tears one apart to show its impeccable craftsmanship), universal silhouettes, and rich neutral tones, you can count on these bags as enduring wardrobe staples.

Polène Yké Bag

Materials: Rattan, Italian leather
Closure: Flap
Features: Three colorways available


Buy Now at polene

Polène Cyme Bag

Materials: Calf leather
Closure: Open
Features: Can be worn as a handbag, elbow bag, or shoulder bag


Buy Now at polene


  • Year established: 2022
  • Popular bag styles: Purpose, Fearless, and Nirvana bags
  • Made in: Brooklyn and Singapore 
  • Price range: $120 to $340

Can you think of a better way for a brand to get on the map than Taylor Swift sporting one of its styles? That’s the case with Aupen. Olivia Rodrigo, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Lawerence, and Selena Gomez, also count themselves fans of this ethical handbag brand. And no shade to Swift or these other superstars, but even without these celebrity style sightings, we’re confident the brand would continue to experience its dramatic skyrocket to fame.

At merely a year old, the brand’s sudden popularity is undoubtedly thanks to Singapore designer Skye Tan’s detailed eye and his skillfulness at taking a tired silhouette and giving it a new life with sharp, asymmetrical silhouettes and dripping embellishments. Frankly, the handbags are unquestionably sexy, as evidenced by the Swift-worn Nirvana bag’s curvaceous silhouette and how Selena Gomez offered endless appeal carrying the sultry Purpose Ice in hand.

Despite the most expensive option still costing less than a Dior wallet, its premium materials are designed in Brooklyn and Singapore, feel and look stunningly luxurious, and boast impeccable craftsmanship. And, to appease the eco-conscious consumer, its manufacturing practices are certified by the well-credited environmental organizations Amfori, Control Union, and Global Recycled Standard.

Aupen Nirvana Bag

Materials: Vegan leather
Closure: Zipper
Features: Braided strap


Buy Now at aupen

What experts say: “I love the simplicity of this purse, but it’s more fashion-forward than a traditional bag with the asymmetrical body and braided strap, which is durable and trendy. The removable Aupen metal keychain showcases the brand in a subtle, not logo-mania way which I love because it can be worn over and over again and you don’t feel like you’re a walking billboard,” says López.

Aupen Purpose Ice Bag

Materials: Vegan Leather
Closure: Zipper
Features: Adjustable strap


Buy Now at aupen

Kate Spade

  • Year established: 1993
  • Popular bag styles: Katy Shoulder Bag, Sam Icon Medium Tote Bag
  • Made in: USA, China, and Italy
  • Price range: $125 to $550

Far from mundane, (have you seen the 3D Showdog Fringed Bag?) Kate Spade’s tomato-shaped purses and taxi cab yellow micro clutches are the ray of sunshine breaking up our collection of neutral-toned work totes and practical crossbody bags. While its arsenal of eccentric designs never falls short, we’d be remiss not to pay respect to its line of classic purses, too. The now re-imagined Sam Shoulder Bag, for example, was the first silhouette ever released by the brand, earning it a loyal client base of ‘90s career women who wanted a high-quality, sharp-looking bag on an entry-level salary. 

Similar tote bag styles earned Kate Spade a couple of cameos in the original run of the “Sex and the City” series and iterations are still present on the shoulders of working women everywhere. Its celebrity fan base remains consistent today, now popular among younger stars like Millie Bobby Brown. Not to mention, the stunningly sweet Love Shack Heart Shape Crossbody garnered a waitlist and 7.2 million views on TikTok from Gen Z shoppers. 

Kate Spade Hudson Medium Convertible Crossbody Bag

Materials: Pebbled leather
Closure: Zip-top
Features: Interior and back slip pockets, removable and adjustable crossbody strap


Buy Now at nordstrom

What experts say: “I love the dual purpose of this bag because it can be a shoulder bag or crossbody. It’s good for going out or everyday wear,” says López.

Kate Spade Slice 3D Pizza Crossbody

Materials: Satin, Italian Leather
Closure: Zip-top
Features: Removable chain strap, interior card slots


Buy Now at kate spade

By Far

  • Year established: 2016
  • Popular bag styles: The Rachel, Billy Bag
  • Made in: Spain, Bulgaria
  • Price range: $300–$700

You can feel like you’re part of the family every time you sport a handbag from this twin sister-run brand. By Far manufactures all of its bags in family-owned factories in Bulgaria and Spain, where craftsmen pay sharp attention to detail, as evidenced by the fine, nearly imperceptible stitching and elevated materials featured in every design.

And if you don’t immediately recognize the By Far name, you’ll most definitely recognize its bags. Kendall Jenner has slung the ‘90s-inspired Rachel affordable shoulder bag over her shoulder a time or two. And the Amber bag keeps good company with Hollywood elite like Kaia Gerber, Selena Gomez, and Bella Hadid. While many of its carryalls have minimalistic designs, anyone seeking an option with more pizzazz can still find vibrant shocks of pink and chain link hardware intermixed throughout its collection.

By Far Rachel Bag

Materials: Patent leather
Closure: Zipper
Features: Cotton twill lining



74% off

Buy Now at SSense

By Far Rubik Fuchsia Patent Leather Bag

Materials: Italian Cowhide leather
Closure: Zipper
Features: Inside zip pocket


Buy Now at Farfetch

What to Look for in an Affordable Bag

Material: “Leather or faux leather is still your best friend when it comes to choosing a high-quality material for your bag,” says Newberger, who adds that nylon is another great option because it’s easy to clean and durable. López agrees and suggests opting for more unconventional materials like tweed, wicker, and straw bags to add additional personality to your carryall.

In addition to steering clear of cheap-looking materials such as polyester and polyurethane, López tells us to avoid plastic or overly shiny hardware. Instead, she suggests looking for minimal hardware and invisible stitching, adding that we should skip contrast and colorful stitching, because “this can make the bag feel juvenile, cheap, and not timeless,” she says. That doesn’t mean the fun is forbidden. As Newberger points out, design details like beading, unique handles, ruching, ties, and zippers can punch up the appearance of an affordable purse, regardless of material. “Each of these things offers the consumer something additional and helps justify the cost,” she adds.

Silhouette: In general, our experts agree that avoiding super trendy silhouettes and purchasing minimalist handbags is the best way to make an affordable handbag look more expensive than it is. Still, Lòpez says you can lean into the trends and have a multi-use, versatile piece by choosing a bag in a classic neutral color, and one made with high-quality materials, like Italian leather.

Additionally, you can’t go wrong with classic crossbody bags, or even belt bags as these are ideal for everyday wear since they allow you to go hands-free and keep the purse close by your side while you navigate through busy shopping centers and streets. 

Size: “I believe that you need at least three bags in your closet,” says López. She recommends a small clutch for special occasions, a large leather or canvas tote bag to function as your catch-all bag for work and travel, and a go-to everyday purse such as a medium-sized crossbody bag. Most importantly, your bag should be large enough to fit whatever items you need that day. Purchasing structured bags with compartments and pockets can keep the bag looking sleek and polished, even if the inside is bulging with your life’s essentials. 

Purpose: Before Newberger chooses the type of bag she’ll be carrying for the day, she considers how far she’s traveling, who she’s seeing, and even the weather.  “If I see rain in the forecast whatsoever, I’m choosing an affordable bag over a statement one,” she says. 

Above all, functionality is key, says López, who adds that you wouldn’t bring your work tote to a wedding or grab a micro-clutch before heading out for a long day with multiple pit stops. She asks herself, “Can it fit my phone, cards, keys, lipstick, and whatever I’ll need for the day? Does the work tote fit my laptop, chargers, water bottle, etc.? Does the bag have a zipper or snap closure for security and safety?” 

How We Selected the Best Affordable Bag Brands 

Since 1910, WWD — often referred to as “the fashion bible” — has been the leading industry voice of authority for senior executives in the global women’s and men’s fashion, retail and beauty communities, while also informing the consumer media that cover the market. Today, WWD’s breaking news and trend coverage continues to be a trustworthy resource for both fashion insiders and consumers alike. Our shopping editors continue to uphold WWD’s editorial standards and values with quality, expert-backed product selections.

When it came time to find the best affordable handbag brands, we set out to give our readers an in-depth point of view on the best styles and designers in the market. First, we researched hundreds of the most popular handbag brands, styles, and silhouettes to discover the best affordable handbag brands for 2024. Then, we narrowed it down even further to divulge our top favorites. To ensure all bags were thoroughly researched properly, we read thousands of online reviews and talked to industry experts, including López and Newberger. For other styles, we enlisted additional research help from the WWD Shop editorial team and sought inspiration from our own closets. While we all have personal favorites, our list includes the best handbag brands that are durable, on-trend, and don’t sacrifice style or quality for price. Learn more about us here.

Meet the Experts

Audree Kate López is a fashion stylist, blogger, and editor who’s worked on projects with brands like Marc Jacobs, Alice + Olivia, J. Crew, and Club Monaco. After styling clients and various celebrities in the past six years, she’s well versed in which accessories elevate an outfit, and the right handbag is chief among them. Although Lopez is partial to her Prada Saffiano Leather bag, she’s a firm believer that many affordable bag brands offer products with the same luxurious look and feel, and she often chooses ones from this very list for her everyday bags.

Heather Newberger is a wardrobe stylist, writer, and author of How to Date Your Wardrobe. She’s offered advice to publications such as NYLON, Marie Claire, InStyle, and the Wall Street Journal, including on the subject of handbags. Not only can she share which bag will look best with your outfit, but she also has an eye for understanding what types of handbags you’ll reuse over and over again.  

Meet the Author

Irene Richardson is a Brooklyn-based writer who covers fashion and beauty for brands such as InStyle, Byrdie, Brides, Travel + Leisure, and Footwear News. Her very first designer handbag was a Chloé Small Saddle Bag, which she has barely touched since moving to New York City since she finds it too fragile for long subway commutes and crowded sidewalks. She saves it for special occasions and opts for several bags from brands on this list instead. They allow her to blend in with the most fashionable residents in the city without worrying they’ll get destroyed or lose their luxe looks, and she frequently consults her coworkers, roommates, and friends about what are the best types of bags that fit their city lifestyle.

10 Things to Consider When Buying women handbags canada

The 12 Best Affordable Handbag Brands That Ooze Luxury, According to Experts

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