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How do you wear glasses while playing sports?

Author: Clarissa
Dec. 06, 2023
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She’s interested in volleyball and just joined lessons. I’m worried about her getting hit in the face. Should I get her goggles? Is that what athletes wear? She also likes basketball but I think volleyball may be her favorite. We found her prescription swim goggles and those are great. But I’m worried the sports goggles may make her feel self conscious (she’s also getting more aware of her appearance and starting puberty).
I am very far from athletic and I don’t know what the safety standards are for sports and glasses. I asked her optometrist when contact lenses could be an option and he seemed to think that was an odd question and said “maybe 16.” But I would think maybe 13 or 14? I thought it would help her with sports, I don’t know.
Any advice about helping her have fun and not mind her glasses would be great.

I have a kid who is starting to be image conscious and also wears glasses and wants to try a lot of sports. I don’t play sports or wear glasses. I have noticed athletes wear goggles or safety glasses sometimes. Do kids wear those? Will she feel bad? Can you help?

Going out for a run or a cycling session when you have a pair of glasses that won't stay on can ruin your experience and hurt your performance.

If you're looking for an easy way to make sure your glasses stay on while you exercise, you've landed on the right page.

3 simple ways of wearing glasses while exercising:

There are basically 3 popular solutions, we ranked them from worst to best:

1. Anti-Slip Wax

Image by Nerd Wax

One easy way make your glasses move less when working out is using Anti-Slip Wax.

Some companies like Nerd Wax offer a kind of beeswax that can create a layer of friction between your nose and your glasses frame, making them move less. 

Although it can prevent your glasses from falling off, it won't always guarantee your pair of glasses stay in place, specially if you're doing some kind of activity that requires you to jump or change direction abruptly.

Contact lenses will stay on your face and are safer than wearing normal glasses when working out.

However they can dry your eyes out and irritate them, some people also find them uncomfortable.

Although it is safe to wear them during physical activities, they may eventually tear upon impact.

3. Sports Glasses (Best solution)

Sports glasses are the easiest and most effective way to use glasses while running and cycling.

They are often designed with a curved frame that keeps the frame firmly sitting on your ears and the lenses material is made to sustain impact and protect your eyes.

Some Sports Glasses like the Tessera90 also come with a Strap that makes it impossible for your glasses to fall during sports.

Usually they are more expensive than contact lenses, however we've created a solution for people who want to fit prescription lenses in Sports Glasses.

Bonus tip for prescription users

If you need to fit prescription lenses in your sports glasses, the average price for traditional brands like Oakley, Rudy, and 100% is usually pretty high, because not only the lenses have to be customs crafted for your prescription needs, but also be made of impact resistant material to protect your eyes.

But we provide an easier alternative:

All of our glasses come with a RX adapter for prescription lenses, that can easily be attached and detached.

It allows you to use prescription lenses while spending much less, because instead of customizing the entire outer lenses, only the inner part needs to be customized.

This can end up saving you up to 93% when compared to getting a pair of prescription Sports Glasses from other brands.

Fitting prescription is also much easier than most people think, learn how it works here.

How do you wear glasses while playing sports?

How to Keep Your Glasses on During Sports - Bright Cycling

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