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Signs It’s Probably Time for New Sunglasses

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Mar. 07, 2024
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How Often Should You Get New Sunglasses?

To answer your question, you should replace your sunglasses every two to three years. However, under certain circumstances, you may need to buy new sunglasses sooner or later. Here are some reasons to get rid of your old sunglasses and replace them with new ones.

Your sunglasses' ability to protect your vision from harmful UV rays decreases with time; they are no longer effective after two years. If you continue to use them, you are exposing your eyes to damaging UV rays, which may cause long-term vision impairments.

It's probably time to say goodbye to your beloved sunglasses because they have most likely passed their expiration date. Yes, you read that correctly. Sunglasses have an expiry date, and continuing to wear outdated specs puts your eye and yourself at serious risk.

As a result, there is no definitive expiry date for sunglasses. Depending on your uses, you may need to buy new sunglasses within a year, or you may be able to use your favorite pair for another three years. But this is just one factor. Similarly, several factors, from aesthetic to clinical, indicate it’s time to get new sunglasses.

When the coating wears off completely, the sunglasses expire. It usually takes two to three years for this to happen. However, if you spend more time in the sun and use sunglasses daily, they may only last a few months. Alternatively, if you rarely wear your sunglasses, the coating will remain intact, and they will last up to three years.

Sunglasses have UV-filtered lenses. These lenses protect your eyes against various problems, including the development of pink-colored tissue on the whites of your eyes, which impairs vision, the cornea, eye swelling, and so on. However, once the coating on these lenses wears off, they no longer protect your eyes.

Medical Reasons

There are several clues that your present sunglasses are approaching their end date. Check to see if you are experiencing any of these conditions, and if so, get yourself some new sunglasses immediately.


Blurry Vision - If things look blurry, your eyesight may have altered, or you may have developed cataracts. In any scenario, you must consult an ophthalmologist right away. You will be given a new prescription and will be able to purchase new sunglasses that match your current vision.


Frequent Headaches - Once again, an out-of-date medication is to blame. You should purchase new sunglasses with adjusted prescription lenses if you get frequent headaches. Another potential explanation is an ill-fitting frame. A headache may occur if your frame is either loose or too tight. In this situation, you should take it to your local optician to get the issue fixed. However, if the frame fit issue cannot be resolved, you should get new sunglasses.


Double Vision - Double vision might indicate that you have an eye misalignment problem, such as crossed eyes or thin corneas. You should contact a doctor immediately, and he would advise you to get new sunglasses with greater prismatic power, which will fix the alignment issue for you.


Eye Strain - Do you squint in the sun or in front of blue light devices such as cell phones? Then your present glasses are most likely no longer functional, either because their lens has lost its anti-reflective power or because your current prescription has changed. This means it's time to replace your old glasses with new sunglasses.


Eyesight Changes - Your vision changes as you age. Over time, your capacity to identify colors, see things, the health of your eye muscles, and so on deteriorates. It is thus not suggested to wear glasses for more than a year or two if corrective sunglasses are used. Annually, consult your doctor and get new sunglasses as prescribed.


Sudden Flashes -Particles float in front of our eyes when we stare at the bright light. These floaters are fleeting flashes that occur mainly in the presence of light. Your retina is compromised if you experience sudden flashes even when there is no light or only dim light. In such instances, visit a doctor right away, and he will advise you on the best sort of glasses to wear. This necessitates the purchase of new sunglasses.


Non-Medical Reasons


Sometimes non-medical reasons also demand swapping your old glasses for new sunglasses. Read on below reasons to understand in detail.


Lens Problems - If your lenses are damaged, such as being scratched, it's time to get new sunglasses. Damaged lenses can not function properly and may endanger your eye health. Similarly, if the anti-reflective coating wears off, it is recommended to purchase new sunglasses.


Style Upgradation - Today's market is flooded with high fashion sunglasses in various colors and shapes. If you prefer to be fashionable and your existing glasses are outdated, you may wish to get new sunglasses that are the latest and trendy and will complement your style perfectly.


Career Change - The first impression is essential, especially when starting a new job or business. Presenting yourself in the best light possible will assist you in wooing your boss or client. So, whether you use prescription or ordinary glasses, consider upgrading to new sunglasses, such as rimless glasses, to add a professional touch to your appearance. Also, invest in computer glasses if your work entails more exposure to blue light. You can always have your new sunglasses fitted with prescription lenses if you have a prescription.


Similarly, if your sunglasses frame or lenses are untidy, and you can't just clean them, it's best to replace them. Get the identical frame if you can't seem to part with your favorite frame. All of these are clues that you should get new sunglasses.


FAQ: Do Prescription Glasses Have an Expiry Date?


No. If you take excellent care of your prescription glasses, they will endure for many years. They will, however, not serve you well if your vision changes. If you believe your existing prescription glasses are not working well, have a vision test and, if necessary, purchase new sunglasses.


Words of Wisdom


I understand how difficult it could be for you to replace your sunglasses because they have become a part of your personality. But there comes a moment when you just have to get rid of them. You must get new sunglasses to protect your eyesight and stay in sync with the recent trend.


New sunglasses might also imply going from trendy to corrective eyewear. Luckily, you can get your hands on stylish corrective sunglasses.  Who knows, they might instantly become your favorites. So get yourself some new sunglasses and keep slaying, girl!

When to Replace Your Sunglasses

There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite pair of sunglasses, but just know that there will come a time when you have to say goodbye. Sunglasses only have a limited amount of time to offer their full UV protection. Be aware of the signs for when to replace your sunglasses.

How Often You Should Get New Sunglasses

How frequently you should replace your sunglasses depends on different factors. You need to take into consideration how often you wear them in the sunlight and the strength of the UV radiation exposure. For most people, two years is the recommended amount of time to keep a pair of sunglasses. If you wear them every day and are exposed to strong UV radiation, you will need to trade them out a little sooner.

Signs You Need New Sunglasses

  • Scratched Lens Coating:
    Sunglass lenses have a protective coating of dyes and pigments that absorb UV radiation. Over time, this coating can break down. Any scratches or damages to the lenses affect the outer coating and therefore, the UV protection.
  • Faded Lens Coating:
    The dyes and pigments that make up the protective coating on your sunglasses are designed to absorb the radiation from the sun. However, they can’t absorb forever. The more you wear them, the less radiation they will be able to absorb.
  • New Technology:
    Technology is forever changing and advancing. Improvements are constantly being made to sunglass frames and lenses. Don’t be afraid to try different types of lenses for your sunglasses.
  • Out of Style:
    Different types of frames can go in and out of style. If you are the type that likes to stay on top of the latest fashion trend, you will want to trade in your sunglasses for new styles.

With DiscountGlasses.com’s large selection of customizable sunglasses, you will be able to frequently replace your sun style without breaking the bank.

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Signs It’s Probably Time for New Sunglasses

When to Replace Your Sunglasses

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